Monday, May 31, 2004

Tejada Family.. The Reunion..

Okay.. I'm now in the mood.. Haha.. But I'm still sad.. Lonely pala.. Gah.. Oh well.. I always can't be sad.. Not now..

Oh well, yesterday, when we arrived at Ate Sue's place, Tito Jonas and little Isabel was there.. Catched up with Kuya Ian's life.. He told me something that caught me by surprise..

Kuya Ian: Ale, gusto mong magpa-VTR? Sa Globe commercials, nakikita kita sa post-paid na commercial..
Ale: *smile*
Tatay: Sige na, Anak.. May libreng cellphone dun..
Kuya Ian: Oo.. May libre pang sim card.. Ilang taon ka na ba?
Ale: 15..
Kuya Ian: O, may libre na yun! 15 years old and above, meron..
Ale: *smile*

My dad got the telephone number and address of the advertising agent.. Hah.. Kuya Ian kasi is an art director for Globe.. He drew the Globe XTM commercial.. The "Chakamawatan" concept was his.. Watch out for the Spider Man commercial of Globe.. It's his too.. Hehe..

Anyhoo, we got a tour of their house and it's simply WOW! I really like the house.. It's so clean.. So white.. It felt like we were not in Manila sa sobrang ganda.. Looks like a rest house na malapit sa beach.. Hihi.. And the things that struck me most were the aquariums.. Ang dami! I particularly like the one separating the kitchen from the living room.. Ang cool e..

I also like Ate Anik's room.. It's PINK! So perky pero it's super simple.. Her bedsheet's Barbie! Yey.. Haha..

Uhhhh.. Basta maganda!

Rarr.. Stayed there and listened to their conversation.. Ate Ces arrived.. She's Geo's mom.. Wah! Geo was another close cousin.. Rarr.. Pero he's not there.. One reason why I found the reunion boring.. Ate Lizza came with her family then Kuya.. Ate Ces told Kuya

"Lem, ang tangkad mo! Pero Tumaba ka.."

Huwaaaatt? Sa lagay na yun, tumaba na siya? Gah! Ganun ba siya kapayat dati? Wow! Hehe.. Himala yun! Ate Rhea then came.. She's one of the soccer coaches of La Salle Zobel and Southville.. She, Kuya Ian and Ate Anik told us..

Ate Rhea: Bakit ang tatangkad niyo?
Ate Anik: Oo nga.. Tumigil yata satin yung ganitong height!
Kuya Ian: Nung grade 6, ako na pinakamatangkad sa batch namin e..
Tatay: Ngayon?
Kuya Ian: Ngayon, ganun parin yung height ko.. Nung grade 6, center pa ako *raises hand to a blocking position*.. Ngayon guard na lang..
Everyone: *laughs*

Baby, basahin mo ito.. Haha.. You'll see how the Tejadas are bonded..

Kuya Ian: Sinong nanalo sa Timberwolves vs. Lakers?
Tito Jonas: Timberwolves..
Kuya Ian: Yes!
Tito Jonas: Timberwolves ka ba?
Kuya Ian: Any team as long as hindi Lakers..
Tatay: Si Ale din..
Kuya Ian: Lakers ka?
Ale: Hindi.. *with matching iling ng ulo*
Carlo: Ako din, ayaw ko ng Lakers..
Kuya Ian: Puro pala tayo anti-Lakers e..
Ale: Pati si Kuya, anti-Lakers..
Tito Jonas: Actually, any team ng L.A. ayoko talaga.. *mentions other teams*
Kuya Ian: Oo nga..

Hahaha.. Laln.. Tapos nung kami pa ni Kuya.. Hahah.. Tejadas, we are.. Rarr..

The kids went swimming-swimming-swimming and kaming lahat, kwentuhan.. The Press Drive "Chapter" came in last.. Tapos wala pa si Kuya Jem.. Ai! Si Kuya Dan pala, yung husband ni Ate Ces..

Oh well.. The food was bitchin' great to! Especially the pink salmon.. Uhm-hmmmm..

After dinner, we watched Harry Potter 2.. Again.. Gah.. But we didn't finish it kasi we had to go home na.. Oh well..

Uhhhh.. Can I just share? Draco Malfoy and Oliver Wood are sooo HOT! Okay.. So maybe not hot.. Good-looking na lang.. Haha.. Opinions..

Okay.. I had my room..Uhhh..Make-over kanina.. I've got my special place na! Yeah.. Haha.. Laln.. Well, was supposed to go to G4 kanina with Sam, Crespo and Lots pero I had to be home kasi my room's being make-overed.. Haha.. Laln.. Grrrr.. Bagong tambayan ang kwarto ko! I'll have it painted by.. I dunno.. I want it to be pink and blue.. Laln..

*Nique and Omar, I think you guys owe me something.. A story, maybe? Gah.. Kelan pa ba kasi? Naman.. Bitinin ba ako? Kwento na!

*Sam! Si Sarah? Di ko alam dun kay Dean.. Baka si Sarah Geronimo.. Hahaha.. Joke.. Luvyah! Sorry hindi ako nakasama kanina..

*Baby, I'm soooo sorry.. I know you think na I'm sooo closed-minded and na I think na you don't love me na.. I'm really sorry I ever doubted you.. Ayaw ko pa naman nasasaktan ka tapos ako pa yung reason ngayon kung bakit ka nasasaktan ngayon.. I'm really sorry.. I love you.. I hope you understand me.. And I do understand you.. I always do.. Please.. Sorry..

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