Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Poor bloggie.. Napag-initan nanaman ng may-ari..

According to the personality test in sparknotes.com,

You are a Healer!
(Submissive Extroverted Concrete Feeler)

You are a HEALER (SECF)— caring, good with people, and patient. You are completely selfless and full of love. As a concrete feeler, you do well with your emotions, which are very strong. You understand and appreciate *why* you feel the way you do, and for the most part you're at peace with yourself.

Suffering in the world really pisses you off.

In relationships, it's easy for you to get hurt. Avoid all kinds of dominant (D***) people, *especially* in dating or marriage. You are a motherly figure, even if you're a guy. If you're a girl, make sure you're a mom some day. The world's children need people like you.

On the rare occasions when you try to assert yourself, you're cute and awkward, but highly effective.

Now, the "Dateable Test"..

67% Dateable!
That's higher than the Worldwide Dateability Average of 63%!
Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... you're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Not only do you know how to turn the engines on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate them. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."

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