Sunday, May 09, 2004

the summer's intensity..

okay.. i am now back in pasig.. wish i weren't.. though there's NOTHING i can do about it.. rarr..

anyway, i know that everyone will agree with me that this summer's the hottest summer.. sobra.. kahit saan talaga magpunta, mainit.. lecheng buhay.. can't life get anymore.. i dunno.. COLDER? though i really don't mind the heat.. hala na.. kung hindi ka rin naman malabo, diba? hahaha... everyone's intense too, diba? grabe..

jopet and i shared the same intensity, baby.. sobra.. kakaiba ito, man! mga kainitan ng ulo, lahat na! naiirita sa mga pareh0ng kadahilanan.. rarr.. tapos lahat na lang talaga!! ewan ko lang.. pero it's not all that, you know.. haha.. natatawa sa mga parehong reasons.. alam niyo yun? same wavelength in the same intensity level.. minsan, mas mataas yung kanya, minsan akin.. either way, i love him.. o diba? ang labo nung conclusion.. pero totoo.. hai ale.. bangag..

commercial: HAPPY MUM'S DAY!

anyhoo, i was planning to use my livejournal account but for some unknown reason, [jocel, i miss you!] gumawa na lang ako ng bagong bloggie.. laln.. i find this layout cute e.. har.. laln.. shinare ko lang.. pero i found this bubbles layout which totally rocks kaso walang tables fer the links e.. puro entries lang ang pwede.. which is NOT fine with me.. hahaha.. pero bubbles is really cute.. hoy!! hindi barok yan ha!! si bubbles ng powerpuff girls ang sinabi ko.. hahaha..

okay.. wala lang..

sam!! naku!! tuloy tayo next week ha.. laln.. omg.. musta na kayo ng "pinsan" ko? hahaha..

hai.. you know what totally bites? I CAN'T SERVE IN PPCRV TOMORROW!! pollwatching na nga lang hindi pa pwede.. rarr.. but i'm cool with that.. i need some sleep, anyway.. pero the experience, baby.. sayang.. and.. you know.. hai.. naman.. nga pala, sinu-sino kasama?

a lot of things happened this summer.. misunderstandings, mostly.. pero we had that small "tropa" talk and everything's back to normal.. i guess.. though some still can't get over some issues.. like me.. i still have lots of questions up in my head that i can't post here for confidentiality's sake.. pero i let things be.. para tapos na.. hah.. chino feels the same way..

kuya chi, don't worry.. jopet and i've been there and done that.. some people's just like that.. we have to let them be so they'd grow up finally get a life of their own.. hala.. barok pa ata yun.. oh well..

omg.. ngayon ko lang na-realize.. okay.. bibitinin ko kayo.. 'coz i won't post it..

jopet na mahal ko, partner, brent, bry, carlo, chino, janette, jelay, jerome, kuya and nique my tweenie, thanks for one bitchin' and helluva vacation.. sobrang enjoy..

*There's a reason for everything*

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