Friday, May 28, 2004


Okay.. So I went back to my Sweet Valley High Reading Expedition.. Oh well.. Iba na talaga nagagawa ng bored.. My mum kasi brought home some books na Sweet Valley na super luma na and I started reading everything.. I've got some things that totally struck me when I was reading..

"'Why don't people ever think about how their actions might hurt someone before they actually do things?' Maria cut him off, her voice now a full octave higher and several decibels louder. 'All anybody cares about is getting what they want, no matter who they might step on along the way. It's disgusting!'"

"Father O'Brien remarked that it must get sort of lonely sometimes. He said for me to remember that I'm never totally alone, that God is always with me. All I needed to do, he said, was have faith. Then he gave a little pep talk about how belief in God is the greatest of comforts and can give us strength through the bad times." -Melissa Fox

There are a lot more things that struck me but I figured na it's best to keep the others to myself.. Hehe.. Okay.. Maybe not to myself LANG pero wag ko na lang i-publish online..

Oh well.. Uhhhmmmm.. Hindi pa pala ako nakakapag-lunch! Lecheng bahay! Walang pagkain! Well, it's partly my fault.. Kakagising ko lang e and it's 1pm na.. Wish ko lang mas maaga kasi akong nagigising.. Pero wala namang magagawa dito e.. Oh well..

"Welcome to the family..".. Haha.. Laln.. Naalala ko lang.. Yung entry kasi ni Nique e.. Hehe.. Argh!! Archie used to sing that song for Jopet!! Wah!! I miss you, guys! I love you, Bie!

Watched Maalaala Mo Kaya last night.. Allan Pineda-Lindo's story.. The Pinoy person in Black Eyed Peas.. Grrrr.. Laln.. It was kinda bitin for me.. Oh well.. Sa akin lang.. Hehe..

Speaking of Black Eyed Peas, Pet! Magkano ba talaga tickets? Wait, pupunta ba talaga kayo? Kasi napayagan na ako and they're asking kung may kasama ba ako.. I told them I''l be with you guys.. Complete cast pa yung sinabi ko.. Hehe.. With Ate Tin and yung Kuya mo.. Ano? Laln.. Hihi.. I love you..

Hai.. This house totally bites.. I'm getting really bored I might hit my head with the monitor of this friggin' computer.. Rarrr..

Siyempre hindi pa ako makakapunta today dun sa showcase ekek ni Crespo kasi hindi ako papayagan bukas.. Rarr. Iba na talaga pag pinapahirapan..

Oh well.. Kakain na muna ako.. Grrrr..

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