Monday, May 10, 2004

pasig=boredom=surveys=the ninakaw-ko-sa-blog-ni-his/hernamehere line

got this idea from ingga's journal..

blue chucks

what color chucks are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

and this from sam's blog..
@ spell your name backwards: adajet onarres nil angiela..

@ have you ever had a song written about you: i don't write songs..

@ what song makes you cry: none.. pero yung rainbow, pag nasa sana-mamatay-na-ako mode ako..

@ what song makes you happy: techno music.. rainbow.. haha.. and a little bit.. and dancable music.. yung mga pang-party ha,, "happeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... can't you see i'm happy now?" *sings*

@ what do you listen to before you go to sleep: the dogs of my neighbors barking.. and sometimes, paolo santos songs..

@ height: uhhh.. next question..

@ hair color: dark brown.. i theenk..

@ piercings: 2 on each ear..

@ tattoos: nadda..

Have You Ever . . .

@ broken the law: yeah.. pero yung hindi punishable by death or life imprisonment..

@ ran away from home: muntik na at malapit na..

@ snuck out of the house: okay.. hope my folks are not reading this..

@ ever gone skinny dipping: nope..

@ made a prank phone call: years ago, yes..

@ tipped over a portapotty: nope..

@ use your parents credit card: well, they pay for everything.. i don't have to sneak the card out..

@ skipped school before: nope..

@ fell asleep in the shower/bath: omg.. embarrassing but true..

@ been in a school play: yerp..

@ had a boyfriend/girlfriend: boyfriend, yeah.. girlfriend as in intimate-relationship-girlfriend? no..

@ had children: i'm too young to have babies..

@ been in love: of course..

@ have a hard time getting over someone: uhhhhh.. NEXT QUESTION!

@ been hurt?: lots of times..

@ gone out with someone you only knew for 3
days: no..

Random . . .

@ have a job: unfortunately, wala..

@ your cd player has what in it right now: cobwebs..

@ if you were a crayon, what color would you
be?: blue or pink..

@ what makes you happy?: ang tropa ko!!

@ the next CD you're going to buy: i don't buy cd's.. i think it's a total waste of money.. kung meron ka namang kaibigan na gumagawa ng cd for free, bakit ka pa bibili, diba?

When/What Was the Last . . .

@ you got a real letter: let's see.. i think it's the letter sam and crespo gave me before classes ended last school year..

@ got an email: today..

@ thing you purchased: uhm.. i think it was a movie ticket.. ai.. hindi pala.. yung coffee pala na dinala ko sa movie house.. hala.. explain na explain..

@ Tv program you watched: ASAP? i really don't watch much television..

@ movie you saw in the theaters: Hellboy.. tagal na no?

@ kissed & when: my cousin, anton.. a while back..

@ hugged: the blue teddy bear na wala pang pangalan hanggang ngaon [bie, ano name nun?]

@ song heard: caroline, outkast.. LSS ko nga siya ngayon e..

@ place you were [ besides home ]: my cousin's crib in paranaque..

@ phonecall: jopet, 'round 1am..

@ you were depressed: ok.. i forgot the date.. never mind..

@ you were in the hospital: uhm.. last march, i think.. went to visit my mom..

no more? awwwwwwwwww... darn it.. laln.. i'm bored.. buhay na buhay pa ang dugo ko!! wanna dance!! kaso mukha naman akong tanga kung sasayaw ako dito sa bahay.. rarr..

ai guys!! purple's inviting you to go to her party on the 22nd in a certain place na nakalimutan ko.. basta it's a swimming party.. smart casual ang suot papunta dun.. just text me if you're coming.. she wants everyone who knows her to be there.. laln.. go!!

okay.. i'm signing off.. natatamad na akong mag-type..

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