Wednesday, May 12, 2004

it's 12 today!! "hapeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. can't you see i'm happy now?" *sings*


Twenty-five months ago, a certain Joseph Resurreccion entered my life.. I never thought that this guy right here would finally mend my broken heart.. My heart that was once broken.. My heart that WAS given to a person that I thought would take care of it..

January 12, 2003 at around 11pm, after 9 courting months, I finally answered "YES" and I finally told the tale that haunted me for years.. My past LOVE.. A night of tears, I dare say.. Both of joy and sorrow..

The sixteen months weren't smooth at all.. Trials were always there, threatening our relationship.. But as he would always say, "Don't worry, mas magiging matatag tayo because of that.. Wag ka lang bibitaw..".. I did let go, one time, and I thought that it was the stupidest thing I've done in my life.. September 18, 2003 was the day.. He wanted me back [kapal!] as I wanted him back so we gave it another shot.. From then on, we were inseperable.. We faced the same trials after that reconciliation.. I don't think that silly rumors and half-truths would break the bond we now have..

My family, during our 4th month, began to accept him.. I used to fear that my dad won't accept him but it turned out that he's entrusted me, her little girl, to Joseph..

Joseph Anthony Osuna Resurreccion definitely completed my life.. Filled the emptiness.. Satisfied the longing..

Thank you for loving me..
Thank you for letting me love you..
Thank you for completing my life..
Thank you for not letting go..
Thank you for accepting me..
Thank you, Bie, thank you..

Most importantly, I thank God 'coz He gave me to him..

I would also like to thank [w0w! parang awards' night] the person who's responsible for my used-to-be broken heart.. YOU, yourself, helped me move on.. You know who you are..


okay.. tama na ang drama!!

*eka and lawrence, happy din!! haha.. mas matagal kayo ng di hamak samin.. hihi..

hahaha.. ang drama ng entry ko!! barok naman.. hihihi.. oh well.. ganun talaga pag hindi gifted e..

happy ulit, bie! iloveyou..

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