Sunday, May 23, 2004

Okay.. Kakagising ko lang..

Kakagising ko lang.. Hinatid namin sila Niko, Dean, Kaycee and Polgene sa Sucat..

Yesterday and Today's Highlights [6pm, May 22-10am, May 23]..

-Met the guys in Galle
-Bought Apple's gift
-Ride to Montgomery Place in QC
-When we have to get off the van
-Met JR and his "seminarista" friends, Renan and JP
-Phone call: Sir Bong
-Dinner time
-A walk in Montgomery Place to remember
-Met Ryocel [Dudes!]
-Truth or Dare
-The poolside moment
-Drying off in the function room
-Apple's mom's announcement
-Ryocel's announcement
-Trip to Apple's place
-Card games, Love Dice, X-box
-Chips and Sprite
-Apple's supply of porno materials that, according to her, "wala akong alam na may ganyan dito!"
-Church talks
-Hatiran moments
-Playing X-box with Apple sleeping in the comfort of her pillows
-Sleeping for one hour
-Waking Apple up and she doesn't remember what the hell we're doing in her room
-Trip to Sucat

Haha.. OMG.. I just have to tell this story.. It's hella hilarious.. On our way to the venue, Kaycee complimented my mum..

Kaycee: Ale, kamukha ng mom mo si Sam..
Dean: Sino? Si Sarah?
Kaycee: Tungeng, si Sam [emphasis on "Sam"]..
Ale: Ma, kamukha mo daw si Sam..
Mama: Sino nagsabi? Si Dean?
Everyone: Uuuuuyyy.. *laughs*
Dean: *blushes*
Ale: Hindi, si Kaycee.. *looks at Kaycee and guffaws*

Sam, totoo yan! Naku.. Ask my mom pa.. Yikee.. Sarah.. Haha.. Miss you, dude!

Another hilarious story.. Nung pababa na kami ng van and we saw Apple wearing a cocktail dress,

Kaycee: Akala ko ba casual?
Ale: Yun nga e.. Yun din sabi sakin.. Smart casual daw..
Kaycee: Smart casual? Smart naman tayo e..
Everyone: *laughs*
Niko: Buti na lang naka-polo ako..
Polgene: Buti ka nga e.. Ako, mukhang goth!

Isa na lang.. This is a Truth or Dare question for me by Ryocel..

"Ask ko lang, Ilang beses ka na nagpapagupit?"

Okay.. I know you guys aren't aware kung sino itong mga demonyong ito.. Hehe.. Here goes..

Tropang May 22-23
-Kaycee: The smart one.. Malakas tumawa and benta lahat ng jokes
-Dean: The varsity player.. Tahimik lang pero malakas humirit.. Niko's younger bro..
-Niko: Dean's older bro.. The perfect GENTLEman.. My co-coffee lover..
-Polgene: a.k.a. "Kuya P.".. Epitome of Goth and Rocker, combined
-JR: Apple's hunny.. The sakristan.. Dapat nasa seminaryo kaso..
-Bro. Renan and Bro. JP: The rejected seminarians.. Super laughtrip..
-Ryocel: Dudes! The Bosconian.. O.P. nung una, one of us nung huli..
-Apple: The birthday celebrant.. The O.C.. The pamangkin of Piolo.. Wuhoo!!

A very fun experience!! I miss those guys na.. Oh well.. I'll see them when I see them..

Gah.. Kaso I really don't feel well.. Hai..

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