Saturday, May 29, 2004

A Freakin', F*ckin' day..

Grrrr.. I'm freakin' home by freakin' 11pm and Jopet's freakin' watching the freakin' BEP Concert.. Gah.. I guess you really can't have everything.. Oh well..

Woke up at 9am this morning which, by the way, is an accomplishment for me.. Haha.. Oh well.. Started reading the Needful Things by Stephen King.. Freaked out in the first chapter.. Haha.. Pathetic..

Rarr.. As usual, we were late dun sa party ni Alfonso [my cuz].. At least we thought we were.. When we arrived sa venue [Pizza Hut, The Fort], no one's there pa kundi yung family namin.. Turned out, his cousins sa kabilang side, mas late.. Oh well.. The party was supposed to start at 1:30pm but started at 'round 3.. No offense, pero it was kinda boring.. Oh well.. No sense in boring this blog too..

Okay.. Kuya was there.. MAYROONG HIMALA! Well, he was not happy about the idea of him, not going to the parish outing.. Pero okay lang naman siya.. Hindi naman siya nag-wala..

Anyway, Tito Jonas was there too.. With his 3-year old daughter, Isabel.. Isabel was very biba! Solid.. A party girl when she grows up.. One thing about her too.. ANG SLANG MAG-ENGLISH! Gah.. States-side kasi e.. Hahaha.. Oh well.. They're going back sa States on Monday na.. Rarr..

Oh well.. The reason why I'm facing this damned computer at this early hour is that, when I texted Jopet, he told me na they're probably not going.. So I told my folks na hindi na ako tutuloy kasi hindi na.. Yun.. When I texted him ulit, he said na he's in Pier One.. They'll watch BEP daw, after all.. Gah.. Oh well.. Can't blame him! Oh well.. I love you, Bie..

Rarr.. After the party, went to Shoppesville, Greenhills.. Bought some stuff and then ate at Shang.. Ate dinner and listened to that oldies group that were playing in Streetskate.. Went home and I'm here, in front of this box they call a computer and types away.. Grrrr.. Totally a freakin', f*ckin' day!

Tomorrow, we're going swimming/reunion at Ate Sue's place in Sinagtala.. Just hope something interesting happens tomorrow..

Baby, we'll probably pick you up in Mcdo at 'round lunchtime.. Oh well.. Basta I'll call you na lang.. And no, you're not going to be out of place dun.. Almost everyone knows you na.. And swimming chuva yun ha.. If you want, bring your swimming gears.. Swimming kami nila Kuya e.. See you tomorrow! I love you..

Signing off! I soooo want to read that book na e.. Ta-ta!

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