Monday, May 17, 2004

It's my Mum's day!!

Okay.. I know I can update TOMORROW MORNING pero may kailangan akong sabihin na baka makalimutan ko tomorrow.. Oh well..

"'Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight, Till tomorrow I'll be holding you tight, And there's no where in the world I'd rather be.. Than here in my room, dreaming about you and me.."

Sheesh.. Nangiti lang ako when I heard the song.. *winks at Kuya* Ask him na lang kung anong significance niyang song na yun.. Well, not to him, pero he knows.. Hihi.. Okay, Ale, stop.. *zips mouth*

The most important part of this entry..


Oh well.. She's the best! Siyempre you guys won't agree coz you'll tell me na your mom's the best.. Well, I guess lahat naman ng anak think na their mom's the greatest.. Hihi.. Oh well..

My mom taught me lots of things.. Pero there's one thing she taught me I surely won't forget..

"Learn to live and let go, anak.. Alam kong mahirap sa una.. Pero lahat tayo kailangang mag-move on sa mga bagay na nangyayari.. Walang magagawa yung pagpabalik-balik mo sa isang bagay.. Ikaw rin ang mahihirapan, sige ka.."

Hai.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE! Well, another person taught me that too.. Pero I think it'd, somehow, feel ironic if I take it from him.. Oh well.. I took my mom's word for it, anyway..

Okay.. Smart Gold's very weird.. Texted Jopet one message ONCE but he received it FOUR TIMES! And I can't receive incoming messages.. Oh well.. Nobody's perfect! Hihi.. But it sort of annoyed me.. Anyone would be, for that matter..

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