Tuesday, June 01, 2004




Hai.. Laln.. I feel oh-so down.. And guilty.. Why do I have to do what I did? It was so stupid.. Grabe.. I know na I just need attention just like anybody else.. Pero what I did was totally out of the ordinary.. Ok.. Maybe not.. But still! What I did wass totally wrong.. I should've thought na I'm not the center of ANYONE'S life.. Kahit kanino.. Not Jopet's.. Not even my Dad's.. Pero kakaiba yung immaturity ko e.. It made me do what I did.. The thing that starts to ruin a relationship..


Well, it wasn't a big thing.. Pero the fact that I doubted him, WAAAAHH! It's soooo not right.. I don't know why I've thought of it that way and why in hell I told him.. Well, it would hurt me more if I keep something from him so I told him.. And he was-and still probably is-hurt.. I'm stupid, I know.. Gah..

I just hope you forgive me.. The first incident got stuck in my head at that moment and it triggered everything.. I'm really sorry.. Don't get me wrong when I asked you if you still loved me.. I know it did sound like I was doubting even that.. But I don't.. I just want to hear you say it.. Hai.. I love you, ok? More than anything in this world and I just don't want to loose you.. I know it sounds..Uhh..Mushy, but what the hell? That's what my heart and my head wanted me to say.. I hope you forgive me, Pet.. I love you..


Wah! I can really be mushy when I want to.. Pero everything I've just said is true.. Oh well..

I want to change my template! Gah.. It's starting to look boring.. GashAbelGash!


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