Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hmmmm. Smells like CATS. [Edited]

If you're wondering kung ano yang sinasabi ko, ask me na lang. It's not a blog-worthy thing naman e. Hehe. No. It IS a blog-worthy thing pero I won't post it na lang. Ask me na lang kung curious kayo. Which I doubt. Hehe. Pero in fairness natawa ako. Hih.

No classes for the next 3 days for me and my Paulinian-Pasig amigas. Yeah. 3 whole fuckin' days without waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah! It's like summer all over again. But minus all the fun, all the Rockers, all the pancit cantons and minus the E-Z's. Gah. Just hope I'd get to be with the Rockers one more time. Heh.

Speaking of Rockers, guys, I think we'll have a new pic for our Friendster account. [Feel free to add us! heavenzdevil_18@yahoo.com]. Hehe Payag ba kayo? *wink*:

Hai. May kilala akong isang taong payag na payag. Pipilitin pang kunin yan. Hmph!

Grrness. Ina-take nanaman ako ng kapraningan. Oh well.

Gah. I miss you, Rockers!

Bloggie mates alert! Jellainne and Ange are on blogspot! Yeah. Check out their sites.

Okay. I'm not supposed to post this but oh well. Picture from Ingga.

I really love Ms. John. Hehe.

*Baby ko, may napansin lang ako sa pic ni Heart. Pag nakita yan ni Jesse, mage-get din niya agad yun. Hehe. I love you.

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