Saturday, June 19, 2004

Kakauwi ko lang..

Okayyy.. Came home from Mega.. Laln..

Happy Birthday Jesseboy! Though I doubt it kung mababasa mo ito.. But oh well..

Haha.. Laln.. Nagulat ako.. Nag-email sakin si Tita Pam.. Hehe.. Forwarded lang but oh well.. Laln.. Nagulat lang ako.. Labooo..

I had my hair cut.. AGAIN.. My bro said I look like Sandara na.. Gah.. No way, hoe-say.. Hahaha.. Oh well.. I personally like it.. Tipped the hairdresser more dahil I super like my hair.. Haha.. Laln.. I'll have it relaxed by tomorrow sana..

My room's having another make-over! Yeah! Laln.. Felt like sharing it to the whole world..

Oh well.. What the hell is up with "oh well" and me? I.Don't.Fuckin'.Know.

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