Sunday, June 13, 2004

Pasukan naaaaaaaa!!!

Yeah! Pasukan na tomorrow! I dunno why I'm so happy while the others hated the idea.. Oh well.. I admit, nakakatamad pang bumangon ng umaga, but hey! No more boring days.. No more tv-and-ale-till-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning days.. No more NO ALLOWANCE days! Yeah.. That's the best! Well, for me, I guess.. I'll start saving for a new phone.. My trusty 6210 seems to tell me "Ale, hindi ko na kaya.. Palitan mo na ako..".. Yeah.. And because of classes, I can let my trusty phone rest and buy a new one.. Hihi.. Pathetic..

Gah.. Oh well.. Wala pa akong bag.. That's what I get for vacationing for one whole month in Sucat.. But hey! The vacation's worth it! Sobra.. No bag can replace my summer vacation.. Haha.. Laln..

So, the highlights of my summer? Hmmmm.. [Not in chronological order]:

-Class party in Jec's place after classes..
-Went to Manre's Grad..
-Sacrificed that very nice vacation with Sam and Crespo in Batangas to be with the people that meant so much to me.. Hehe..
-Went to Sucat and had a blast..
-Went to one practice of 10am mass and saw her-name's-not-to-be-mentioned-here's reaction when almost the whole choir joined us [Kuya, Brent, Bry, Chie, Carlo] after their practice..
*Nique, her expression's one Kodak moment.. Sana andun ka.. Hahaha..
-Fixed whatever-there-is between Janine and me.. Though we're not like before na.. I don't blame her..
-Had a haircut though my own dad didn't even recognize the difference..
-Truth or dare/ open forum in our house.. Cannot and will not forget that day..
-Our free merienda c/o Archie my Partner!
-Late-night snacks ala Starbucks with Kuya and Carlo..
-My baby and I, going to mass together..
-Watching basketball games in NSHA and St. Martin..
-Our own little tour of Manila Memorial Park in 7 in the evening of a weekday and the bridge moment.. Hahahaha..
-Archie's Jackass video..
-Archie's OWN version of Jackass..
-The let's-torture-Ale movement by Jesse..
-Jopet's party.. "Young man.."
-Uh, the afternoons when Mama Bebang sees Jopet in her house.. Haha..
-The afternoons when Jopet's in our house.. Hmmmm.. Tssss..
-Walang sawang NBA..
-Complete kami when we watched Hellboy though there was no pic to prove it.. Darn.. Sayang..
-The Jellai-Carlo loveteam.. Uuuuyy..
-Party of Purple.. SO DAMN FUN!
-May 22-23 people..
-That incident in our van with the tropa.. *winks at Kaycee*
-Star Cirle Quest..
-Me, hogging the TV..
-Me, eating everything in sight.. NOT!
-Seeing Ate Sue's place..
-Learning that I've talked to Joross Gamboa na pala sa phone before..
-Basta, marami pa.. I forgot the others na.. Pero the best part was I get to be with MY Baby almost the whole of summer..

Oh well.. So, what in hell would happen kaya tomorrow? Hai.. One thing's for sure.. I'm happy that I'm leaving this oh-so-boring house..

Hai..Feeling ko, puro submission ng requirements ang 4th year and loads of grad practices waaaaaaaaaaay after class.. Hai.. SENIORita na ako! Hah.. Sorry.. Pathetic.. Oh well..

*Kam, see you in class tomorrow! Hehe.. Thanks pala.. Ikaw pinakaunang nag-greet sakin yesterday.. Hehe.. Laln.. Miss you..

*Baby, may kwento pala ako sayo.. Ngayon ko lang nadiskubre.. Hehehe.. Matatawa ka.. Mafi-feel mo.. Solid, baka maiyak ka pa.. Haha.. I love you.. Gahrabe.. Natawa ako.. Hehe.. Laln..

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