Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bless my soul, it's Harry Potter!


Came home from Rockwell.. Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.. Well, supposedly, we'll watch it in Eastwood with Sam, Crespi-nuts and Lots kaso sold-out yung tickets.. So, my dad suggested we watch in Rockwell.. Sam said they won't watch it na lang.. So there.. Ate in Pizza Hut in The Fort.. Then went to Rockwell..

When we reached the cinemas, we learned na yung 8pm's tickets were sold-out too, which left us with the 11pm option [It was 7:30pm, by the way].. My mom said we reserve our tickets na lang tomorrow.. Pero we voted and we get to watch the last full show.. Waited for 4 hours.. And I don't think it was worth it..

The book's much better, really..

The movie's..I dunno..Kinda dramatic.. Swear.. The lake scene with Hagrid, Harry, Hermione and Ron was dramatic.. The falling off of the leaf from one tree was dramatic.. The butterfly in the meadows scene was dramatic.. Gah.. Didn't see much of that in 1 and 2.. Oh well..

I think Sirius Black looks..BALIW! Ano ba yun? Mukha talaga.. Lalo nung he saw Harry in that "tree house"..

Basta.. A lot of parts nung story were missing and I think that those parts will help you understand it more.. Annoying.. So, kung hindi niyo nabasa yung book, sorry.. Hindi niyo mage-gets yung story..

Pero there were some parts na kilig.. Like when Hermione held Ron's hand nung nandun sila sa forest.. And yung part na Harry was protecting Hermione from Professor Lupin a.k.a. The Werewolf.. Haha.. Babaw..

What's up with the starstruck mood?


Call me baduy or anynameyouwanttonameme pero I watch it and I really hate the results of the Teen Quest.. Gah.. Hero Angeles? The Ultimate Questor? No.. I think Roxanne or Melissa deserved the title.. Gah..

The Kid Quest's result was ok.. Si Nash yung top.. Yeah.. He's cute.. Pero I was rooting for Mikyla.. Oh well..


Marami palang dark yung layouts.. Laln.. Napansin ko lang when I went blog-hopping..

Van changed links na nga pala.. Just check out my links if you plan to update your links too..

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