Sunday, February 27, 2005

Guys, please, a minute of prayer won't hurt. *Edited*

Kryzelle Cruz is my batchmate and my classmate in Dramatics. Hindi kami close pero we talk and we say "hi" to each other. Now, she's still in Medical City. A lot of text messages said that her Lupus can't be cured anymore. Our prayers can really help. Alam kong some of you don't know her pero a minute or two of prayer is greatly appreciated. He's the only one who can save her. Alam ko namang hindi siya papabayaan ni God e. Anyway, I'm going in Medical City tomorrow to see her. Kayo din, punta kayo.


"OhMyGod, she's having a BF!"
"What's a BF?"
"She's having a Bitch Fit!"

(Kam, paki sabi kung mali yung lines. Thanks. Love you!)

!@#$%^&*, I can't please everyone, I fuckin' know that. Isa lang ako, milyon kayo. I can't attend to everyone's needs. Kung si Supergirl lang ako, I would, but I'm not. And besides, my world does not revolve around the people around me. Siyempre, saking mundo dapat iikot yun kasi nga mundo ko 'to e, diba? Now, if not one person would accept me for being the selfish bitch that I am, wala na akong magagawa dun. I won't waste my time on desperate attempts to please those kinds of people. Why would I? Di naman sila nagaksaya ng panahon na intindihin ako, diba? I mean, if they do understand me, hindi nila iisiping "selfish bitch" ako. I have things to do, too. Hindi ako available 24/7. A ewan. All I know is my friends understand me. Kahit na sobrang unreasonable ko na at nasigaw-sigawan ko na sila, naiintindihan parin nila ako. Diba, Kam at Dean?

*end of Bitch Fit*

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