Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Grawr. I don't know why but I was really feeling fucked up this morning. I was so harassed, thinking of all those Kyoto Protocol stuff. Annoying. Well, I know that that's not the only thing that's been bothering me. I just don't know what it really is. Grawr. *gigil* I hate thtat feeling. You know, yung super annoyed ka pero you don't know why tas lahat ng tao nabo-bother mo dahil dun? Hai. Wala lang.

Jino, I just had to borrow this line:

"Mahirap talaga pag walang magawa... Kung anu-ano ang naiisip mo..."

I, being my annoying self, thinks about a lot of things when I'm not doing anything. The fact na hindi ko na nakakasama si Jopet (It's been a month since I saw him), the fact na I'm so goddamn maluho and my dad's having a hard time paying my bill, the fact that I'm having a hard time saving money and the list goes on. Pucha, mababaliw ako nito e. Thank God Jopet's there to help me through all of these. Well, there's Lau, Cuyeg, Nico, Jino (lately) and a whole bunch of people who are actually helping me. Thanks, guys. Alam ko puro joketime lang tayo pero yung mga laughtrip na yun takes my mind off things. Thanks.


Anyway, there was a black-out yesterday. We were in the middle of a volleyball match when the lights in the Sports Complex suddenly died. I felt Kizia hug me when the moment the lights were out and heard the Pep Squad guys shouting... err, screaming for "dear life". Hahaha. Yeah, it was pretty fun. Everyone just stood where they were and waited for their eyes to get used to the darkness (ARTSCHE! Woohoo! Haha.). Lau, Cuyeg and I started to play Tag in the darkness and Lau almost hit the net...Joke! Hahaha. Peace out, Babes. =D After fixing up in the darkest shower room I've been to, we took the stairs to get to the first floor since the elevator was not working and the guys were starting to freak us out. Li'l old me was sooooo scared of everything they'd say. Hahaha.


Tomorrow, we'll be having our block picture taken. Grawr. Theme's kiddy kiddos in jammy's. Good thing I found something to wear. Wala akong maisip kanina e. Hahaha.


Lau, Cuyeg, Cor, Jason and I took the bus on the way home kanina. Nakakahilo mag-drive yung driver. Shets.


I should turn in.

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