Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Weekend That Was..

Friday [July 2]

Caught Spidey's last full show in Eastwood the-chair-is-very-comfy Cinemas. I personally enjoyed it. I think it was better than the first Spiderman movie. And the movie has lots of quotes that has struck me. Totally. Oh well.

Ate at Dencio's before that. Was texting Jopet that time too. Strolled in Eastwood and saw this clump of people. Went there and saw these 3 guys drawing caricatures. Cutie! Hehe. They drew kids faces on super heroes' bodies. And what are they using? Pencils and HIGHLIGHTERS. Okay. They used sign pens but the highlighters amazed me. Okay. Naaliw ang bata.

Oh! I had Caffe Mocha and Pringles [Cheez Ums] inside the movie house. And yeah, I know. It's not my favorite duo. I don't even like the after taste of it. Blech.

Talked my Dad into buying a new phone so I'd get to inherit his phone. Turned out, he'd buy a new one as soon as some new models come out. He was waiting for someone to sell his/her 6600 or whateverunitthatis [I'm totally lost by those numbers. I don't know what number goes with what unit na.]. But I don't think it's sometime in the near future. I'll be stuck on my classical phone, 6210, for a couple of months pa. Patience, Ale. Patience.

Saturday [July 3]

Fetch Eka up and then went to school. Caught up with Charmaine and Maggie's lives. Went to Demo Room 2 and had Chem. After 2 hours of Mrs. Gavino [I totally miss her!], went out with Kam for break and wandered around the school grounds. Bumped into somebody.

Kam: Ale, nakatingin sayo si *censored*
Ale: [sarcastic] Wow. Kilig ako.
Kam: *laughs*

Went back for abstract reasoning. Gah. I hate that. Oh well. Gotta live with it! Got dismissed at round lunchtime. 'Rents got to St. Paul at 1:30pm. Gah. Was really hungry.

Went to my Cuz's place in Novaliches. Caught up with her and Vane's lives. She told me something that totally distracted me the whole day and it's too personal to post here.

Went to bless to my lola.

Nay [that's how we address her]: Pumayat kang apo ko! Nagmamahal ka na yata.
Ale: *smiles*
Taybo: Naku, Nay. Matagal na po. *winks*
Nay: Naku, Bong! Magkaka-apo ka na rin.
Tay [my Lolo]: Pasado ba, Bong?
Taybo: *smiles*
Mama: Okay naman yung pamilya. Yung tatay niya nagtatrabaho sa Lufthansa Technik. Yung mommy sa Supreme Court.
Ale: Sa DOJ.
Mama: Sa DOJ pala.
Tay: So, Bong, pasado nga?
Taybo: Madali naman kausap si Joseph e. Magalang at masunurin naman po. Pero pag nagloko siya, may isasampal ako sa mukha niya.

Hahaha. O diba? Sikat! Hehe. Naku ka! May proof si tatay. Lagot! Hehe. Joke.

Went home at 2 in the morning. Oh well.


Woke up at one in the afternoon. Surfed the net. Updated my blog.

Aletot Highway
Bog of Eternal Marriage4
Contentment Meadows60
Confusion Lane106
County Jail542
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


*Rockers, pwede na ba ito sa account natin sa Friendster?

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