Sunday, July 18, 2004

At the Dean family's residence.

Waw. Huwata weekend! Whatever, Ale.
July 17
Hehe. Mommy? Waw, Ale, dinama!
Went to school for Physics and Advanced Algeb with Sir Bau and Ms. MJ, respectively. Well, Physics was kinda [stress on the word kinda, please?] boring and Algeb was more [stress on more, this time.] boring than Physics. Wala naman sakin yun. Masarap naman matulog sa Demo Room 2 e. Hihi. Shhh.. Anyhow, Kam, Dean and I were passing notes the whole time. Wala Lang. Shinare ko lang, me angal?
After classes, Dean and I went to eat at Red Ribbon with her parents. Well, I was on the hot seat that time. All her father's questions poured in and I had to answer each and every question for an hour. And Dean kept on poking me with her elbow and laughs silently to every answer I give. Oh wells.
After Red Ribbon, we went to UST na. Slept on the way there, by the way. In UST, we had to get lost to get to that friggin' place only to find out that we can download and print the admission form from UST's site. Oh well. Tried to call Kuya to know if he's there. E wala pala. Ayun.
On the way home, I, once again, tried to sleep but to no avail.
The Deans' house was nice. I think it looked like a rest house. Pati yung pagpasok ng sikat ng araw sa bahay, resthouse na resthouse.
Anyhoo, Dean's, or should I say KATRINA's, younger bro was asking her what my name is. The name she gave? JEC. Okay. That wasn't right. And yun na nga ang tawag sakin nung bata. When the kid finally forgot "my" name, he asked KATRINA ulit. Ang sabi naman ni Ate, UMINGA. Ampoots! Ano ba? And then the kid forgot it all over again. THANK GOD. It was my turn to ask the kid kung anong tawag niya sa Ate niya. "Ate Ninay". Hehe. Ang cute! NINAY! Hehe. Jokeness. Peace tayo! Anyway, the kid's obsessed to Spidey as much as his sister. Whatever. Siguro nga, Dean, pinaglihi kayo sa sapot. Joke.
Kla/Cla went there to make the project sa club. AND I HELPED! Mabait kasi ako e. *winks at Dean and laughs out loud*
Watched TV when Dean suddenly told me "Ale, samahan mo na si Andrew sa kwarto and matulog ka na din." Okay. Gawin ba akong babysitter? Sinamahan ko na rin yung chikiting. Kawawa naman e. He thinks there's something under the bed. Didn't sleep with the kid though. Waited for Dean tsaka ako natulog. In fairness, ang lamig sa kwarto nila. Hindi rin naman ako agad-agad nakatulog for some reasons. Siguro mga 3 na rin yun nung nakatulog ako.
July 18
Okay. 18 pala ngayon. Wala lang.
Anyhoo, parents picked me up and went home. No need to go through details. But the details would surely make me feel pissed off all over again.

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