Saturday, July 10, 2004


Okay. July 9 is totally not MY day. The reasons?

->Some people are not really sensitive of other's feelings. They just do stuff to make fun of other people without thinking of how they will hurt them. What do I really mean? Click here.

->I realized that Kam and Dean are the only people that I can really get along with in my class.

->People make promises. And break them.

But then, there are "angels", if you'd like to call them that, that can really make you smile and say "There's a rainbow always after the rain". And those people are:

-Jopet [Waw. My Baby? An Angel? Hmmmm.]
-Ms. Sarenas
-Mommy Tans
-Cupcake ko [Pinky]

Gah. These people. I really love them. One big hug, and poof! Bad mood's gone. Thanks, guys!

*Mommy Tans, Ingga, Pinky, Maggie and Gege, thanks a bunch kanina ha. Wala lang. I miss you guys.

*Kam, wag mo na silang isipin. They're one helluva fuckin' group of people. Hai nako. Okay lang yan. Chill! *hug*

*Dean, naku! Sabihin mo kay Glennie, sorry. Tukneneng naman e. Ano ba itech? Basta sabihin mo sorry. Na-guilty tuloy ako. *sigh*

*Baby ko, wag ka nang mabadtrip. Nakakatakot e. Hai. I love you so much. I'll catch you whenever! Missin' you badly. *smoochies* *hug tyt*

*Insensitive people, wish ko lang hindi kayo ganyan. Nakakasira ng araw e. You guys are the ones who makes me say "Ayaw ko sa class na ito.". And believe me, you wouldn't want me to have that very same thought 'till the end of the school year.

*Those people who makes promises and break them, you're a bunch of f*ckers. Kung hindi niyo rin lang kayang panindigan, wag niyo na lang sabihin. Anak ng tokwa't baboy, nakakasakit kayo e.

Pahabol: Hope my 'rents would allow me to sleep over Dean's place tomorrow. Wish ko lang, diba?

Pahabol 2:


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