Friday, July 02, 2004

"If they say why, why, Tell them that it's human nature" *sings*

Okay. My current LSS's Kyla. WTF? Hehe. Okay lang. Ayoko lang siya sumayaw dun sa video niya. Oh well.

I've been blog-hopping and posting "I was here"'s in their taggy boards. Sorry dun sa mga wala. Kasi naman e. Flooble chatterbox is unavailable chenes. Hehe. Oh well.

Okay. Sir Ducay dropped something in my Friendster mailbox. Nagulat nga ako e. The title's "thank you".

hi! thank you sa testi. sayang hindi kita naging student.

Hehe. Wala lang. Nagulat lang ako. Ano ba naman sa inyo, diba? Hehe.

Oh well. Am now stuck here in our friggin' house. Nagyayaya si Crespi umalis kaso wala akong mon-ey. Hehe. Pero I really want to go out. Oh well.

Was supposed to go with my parents in Manila. They're going to get something sa embassy ata or somewhere. E I have to pick up some forms there too. E ayun. Iniwan ako. Oh well.


Yeah, it's my dad's birthday. Go, greet him! Dun sa mga nakakaalam nung number ko na line na Globe dati, that's his number ngayon. Text him! Go! Yeah. Hehe. Laln.

Ai! I forgot! It's Pasig Day today. Fucker. Wala lang. Hehe.

Gah. I'm gonna bum out in front of the TV na. I'll see you cats in flip-flop later! Uuuuy. Mga nakanood ng School of Rock alam yang line na yan. Hehe.

Ai! Last. Batchmates! Kailangan daw ng Sci.Cal tomorrow! Hihi. Yun lang.

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