Sunday, July 11, 2004

Bitin yung sasabihin kong una.

Ok. In fairness, hindi ko ma-get over. I mean, bakit naman ganun? Pero natawa na lang ako. San ka naman nakakita na ang hinihingi Coke, ang binigay, pillow? Hai nako.

Yesterday was my Bro's birthday. And you know what? He's got what he ever wanted for his birthday. A new phone. A new CD. And how did I react?


Gah. It was me who wanted a new phone. Kanino binigay? Sa kapatid ko. Hai. Namaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. But oh well. Not hoping anymore! Nagsawa na e. Oh well.

Anyway, we had our Saturday classes all over again. Rooms 7, 8, and 9 had to sit for two whole, sleepy hours of Ms. Castilla & College/Advanced Algebra in the morning.

Had Bio after breaktime. This time, 2 hours of the wonderful Ms. Mortel. Yeah! Missed her.

Anyway, lunchtime, was with Dean and was talking to her about a minor [I think] problem. Went running to the 4th floor with Crissel to get to Agnes.

After lunch, had English and talked about all that mythology crap.

After English, had the election of class officers. And personally, kung team yun ng basketball, I wouldn't like the line-up. Good luck na lang sakin no.

Had Clubs afterwards. My club's ok. My moderator? NO! Okay. That was the first meeting so it's not a good idea to judge her na. Pero she definitely didn't make a good impression.

Went home and got ready for Kublai's.

In Kublai's were Maggie, Ingga, Pinky and of course, Tanya. May isang taong hindi dumating and I'm gonna pound her 'till she begs me to stop. Hai nako. Bwisit. Pero no offense, Ingga, kung andun siya, I wouldn't have enjoyed the night like I did. Sobra. Anyhoo, danced the night away. Bonding and everything.

Slept at Tanya's place. Dad picked me up at lunchtime.

*Nique, thanks. I know dapat hindi ko sila pansinin pero they can get to your nerves kahit na nagsasalita lang sila e. Get? Hai nako. Bitchin' miss you!

*Ingga, wag mo nang isipin yun. Tukneneng siya no. Hmph. Not worth your precious time.

*Tanya, kaya mo yan. Basta if you need someone, I'm just 4 rooms away.

*Kam, alam ko galit ka sakin. Dean told me to talk to you. Pero honestly, hindi ko alam sasabihin ko. Hai. And sorry hindi kami sa Academic. Wala nang slot e. Sorry.

*Baby, wala lang. Sorry hindi kita masyadong nabibigyan ng time ngayon. Namaaaaaaaaaaan. Sobrang sama ko na ba? Hai. Anyhoo, I love you, ok? Missin' you badly.

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