Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Imma be needing the first part for our scrapbook in KASPIL.


October 8

We (Lau, Kim, Cuyeg, Malia, Jill and very yours truly) met up at the South Gate at 'round 1 in the afternoon. The others couldn't come kaya yun.

*Insert: I just realized, the date was October 8. ?!@#$%^&*.

So anyway, we ate at Pizza Hut when the rain poured. It wasn't that hard, though. We waited for it to stop and went to the shuttles in Moldex (MONDEX, as Cuyeg would call it) to get to Roxas Blvd. The shuttle's driver was fugly annoying. Pwede naman niyang sabihin sa mahinahong paraan. But nooooo. Annoying driver. So anyway, we got off at the CCP complex and we all wanted to go to Star City. Hahaha. Babaw. But then, we realized na next week na pala due yung scrapbook so we crunched ourselves up in one taxi and rode to Manila Cathedral.

I don't really remember now what happened when we reached there. Oh, no, but I do. Hahaha. The annoying "bodygurads" wouldn't let us take pictures of the EXTERIOR of the church. Apparently, the President was there, attending a wedding. We saw the car and saw it's plate: 1. We were all, like, "Andito si GMA?". We walked to Bahay Tsinoy next. Annoying place had entrance fees. So anyway, we rushed to somewhere (I don't know any place in Manila... Taft lang and Binondo...Jackie!) to get a film for Kim's cam (Ooh! Anu daw?). We pedicab-raced our way back to Bahay Tsinoy. Only Jill and Lau went inside (Fee's P60 per head). We then moved to San Agustin Church. Another wedding. Bummer. We took pictures of THE FUDOGS (hehe.) and the exterior of the church. Spent the rest of our energy looking for Casa Real which, by the way, is closed down by its owner. Went back to Manila Cathedral hoping to get pictures of the interior. But nooo. May kasalan nanamang nagaganap! So we had no choice but to take pictures outside. Fun experience, though.


...Well, went home teary-eyed. Don't ask.


October 10

We got the results of our first ALGE101 quiz. I got a low score but fuck it, I din't study for it. I was lucky. Hahaha. So anyway, the highlight of my day was PETEAMS. Gadammeeet, I have loved PE since forever. I loved every part of it. We are having Volleyball in PETEAMS this term. So you can guess how much I enjoy every Monday of my 2nd term. So anyway, I really don't know how to spike. Sir Olarte taught me how...though I still don't get it. Hahaha. Idol ko nga si Kizia and si Martin e. Woohoo! Galing! We had a mock match. Kalaban namin sila Cuyeg. The guy's a spiker, man, I tell you. I always happen to catch all his spikes and that made my hand fuckin' numb after the game. We won, though. Hahaha.

Kim had a tummyache in the middle of the "spiking exercise". She called me her "asawa" because I was there with her when her tummy was aching. Hahaha. Wala lang. It was nothing, Kim! Anything for Darna! Wahoop! Anu daw? Hahaha. Love you mats, Kim!


Santugon Week is here!

Wear Yellow-Blue-Yellow-White-Yellow this week, from Monday to Friday.

List of Activities:

1210 Mass at PGP Chapel Sponsored by Santugon

LEAP, 6 Classes sponsored by Santugon

Ubreak Concert featuring Firelane, Fahrenheit, and Fire Place Letters and the Santugon Star Search Candidates
6pm Family Day at Sports Plaza!

1-3pm Forum on the GMA Crisis with National Union of Students of the Philippines, Y408-409
6-10pm Comedy Night..Rated XX (The Santugon Comedy Show)

7pm Party at MDC at the Fort! P150 Including drink!

**From the Santugon Yahoo! Groups.


I'm excited to go to my LEAP class. I enrolled in STREET4 (Street Dancing). Woohoo! I don't know anybody there but what the heck? I know that I'll enjoy the class and meet loads and tons of new friends. Ooh. Parang Candy mag ang dating. Hahaha. So anyway, I need to go. I'll meet up with my groupmates in KASPIL pa e. LEAP in 6 hours! Hahaha.

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