Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Maybe I'm born to dance...

Oo na, makapal na mukha. Pero first, DLSU Streetdance. Now, my prof in PEDANCE wanted me, along with 3 more chosen blockmates, to dance in an invitational assembly on August 20. The special guest? The President of DLSU. Of course, yung sasayawin ko on August 20 is far too different from streetdance. I'mma dance BALLROOM! Hahaha. Thank you, Tanya! Hehehe. We (Jino, Ja, Dhi and very yours truly) will dance Rhumba, Jive and Swing. My partner would be Jino while Ja and Dhi pairs up with the two guys in Bingo's (...) block. Grawr. Nangareer? Hahaha.


Damn. A lot has happened but I can't seem to think of anything to put here. Wala lang. Hahaha. But one thing I know. I'm enjoying La Salle! =D (Kahit binagsak ng pesteng CRITHIN prof ko yung midterm grade ko.) Thanks to LR19 and Santugon. =D


Baby, I'm really sorry about last week. Sana wag na maulit, though I doubt it. Grawr. Walang iwanan, ha, Bhe? And wag mo akong sindakin, please? Nakakatakot ka kasi talaga e. Open your mail, I sent you something. Matatawa ka, promise. Hehehe. I love you so much, Bhe. Miss na miss na kita.

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